From "K" to "K"
3 questions to Francois Kerautret
Francois Kerautret, creator of the bike FKC become technical advisor to the brand Kemo.
The opportunity to make the point.
In what consist the partnership with Kemo?
I will apply all the experience I have accumulated with FKC in positioning solutions and technological innovations, ensuring a more widespread than is the case still with my bike in steel. At the moment only affects the model time trial / triathlon which was presented at Eurobike, but soon it will benefit the entire range.
There will be a carbon version of your bike?
Yes of course. And 'provided a model that will include all the technical solutions sull'RZ 7ept views, with the exception, I think the rear asymmetric, which means that it will be compatible with all wheels on the market, We are considering the possibility of offering this option on the triathlon. The manufacture, it is not a problem, the geometries are made, but obviously not to the cm based on the morphology of the user, through a synthesis of everything I've done for 15 years.
With six sizes, however, we propose a bike almost tailor-made for cyclists with heights ranging from 1.68 to 2.10m.
There are still some technical choices and tests to be carried out but I think this bike could
arrive in mid-2015, perhaps a little 'before.
What will happen to FKC?
Continue production with my brother.
For the energy that must be paid and the high costs for the manufacture of high quality, it is not possible to produce large volumes. I will continue to propose the RZ 7ept and make it evolve. This is a niche product and will remain so.
My work with Kemo does not question my company, who knows maybe there will be an adverse effect and some solutions Kemo could fall back on ... FKC. We'll see, but the challenge is exciting!