From "K" to "K"
CHALLENGE DUBAI TRIATHLON // Hervé Banti: "World class start list and windy roads, an inspiring day. Kemo KE-T8: what a bike!"
The Monegasque olympic triathlete has just finished the Challenge Dubai reaching thirty-ninth position. He talked about how his passion has began and the experience in the Emirates with the new #Rakerzero technology, developed together with the Italian brand Kemo.
Congratulations Hervé. 37 years old, one more Ironman. Back in the day, how did you decide to become a triathlete? Do you remember that spot in your head?
"It was all about my father. A shared passion. I was fourteen and I followed him to a domestic triathlon race. To me, the guys suddenly became heroes."

More than 10 years ago. Can you say that satisfaction has worth efforts?
"I began slowly, among people of my age, and climb the stairs to the top level one by one till the olympics in London and Ironman. It's not easy everyday to go for a long rainy ride in the winter, or wake up at six in the morning to go to the pool, but I really can't see it as a sacrifice. I'm truly passionate about triathlon, for me it's a dream job."

You made a piece of history of this sport, now Kemo and François Kérautret have chosen you as "road tester" for their new Concept dedicated to Triathlon: Can you describe your experience in developing KE-T8?
"François Kérautret and I are close friends for more than 15 years. Personalliy I really admire him. So when last summer he asked me to be the first test rider for the T8, I was very excited to be part of the team. I rode the test frame and I was impressed how fast and how easy to handle it was compare to the other time trial models. I gave my feedback and insisted on few important details  for a triathlon bike: normal brake for safety, bolts on the top tube to add a storage box, a concept for an aero position that you can maintain for hours. Last but not least, it should have been a bike easy to use every day, nobody have a mechanic at home!"

Kemo KE-T8 is now a real product. You raced your first Ironman with this bike. How was the feeling with #Rakerzero during the performance?
"The Challenge Dubai triathlon was one of the most important race of the year, with a world class start list. I finished 39th. To be honest I was expecting a better result, but in the early races of the season you never really know how fit you are. Plus, I consider myself much more a kind of a climber, in Dubai I encountered a flat and extremely windy bike course. This situation didn't suit me very well, but it's great to be on the race with the best athletes in the world. We train hard to live that moments!
Speaking about the KE-T8, I already knew that it was fast but, I was surprised how it bore heavy crosswinds remaining stable. I was able to maintain the aero position without effort."

Now you're done in Dubai. What will be the next adventure?
"Well, now I just need few days of rest. Then I will be back to a big block of training and focus on the French Ironman races, Aix en Provence and Nice."