From "K" to "K"
"The Finisher" is about to start. The reality about Triathlon by Bikechannel. The bikes that "dance in the wind" have been selected to accompany the efforts of competitors, amateur athletes who will prepare the first race hosted by the city of Cagliari.
The spring of Kemo will go on scene on the small screen. Enthusiasts can discover the quality of products created by the Comalli Brothers, thanks to the new idea of ​​Bikechannel (Sky channel 214): The Finisher is in effect the first reality that recounts the world of triathlon.

Tell the daily life of two non-professional triathletes, who will prepare the appointment with the race of Cagliari on 2 May.

Followed by two excellent coaches, Fabio Vedana and Giuseppe Solla, will lead us to discover the best training methods, materials to be used in the three disciplines and to listen to the advice for proper nutrition.

In the 8 episodes we will see how the two main characters, a man (Enrico) and a woman (Sara), from two very different cities as Cagliari and Milan, will test their bodies to achieve a big goal: win the challenge with themselves.

What are the difficulties of training in daily life? How to go hand in hand sport, work and family?
Find out with THE FINISHER.

Kemo will contribute in its own way to the show: tomorrow will be delivered to the production four dedicated bikes: two KE-R5 will accompany the participants throughout the reality, while the two coaches will ride a MTB KE-M5 and a KE-T8 #Rakerzero, the revolutionary prototype dedicated to Triathlon.