From "K" to "K"
A very important aspect of our company is the care and attention we reserve for our products until the moment of delivery to the end customer. 
Every single frame is checked to verify the correctness of tolerance and rule out any defects. 
Part of our production is then sent to be painted by hand in Italy. 
The assembly of the bike is followed step by step by specialized technicians with years of experience in this business dealing also adjust each component and if we are required to customize the various distances saddle, handlebars and so on. in front of completed with all measurements provided the final customer. 
This is undoubtedly an added value that we can offer to make sure that once unpacked our bikes are ready to use and developed by qualified personnel. 
Also with regard to packaging, we reserve parrticolare attention for every bike is adequately protected during transport packaging using only custom made according to our specifications in order to prevent any kind of inconvenience. 
All this for all of you to reserve only the pleasure of riding and let us take care of the details that make each of our special bike.