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KE-R8 5KS 2015
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With KE-R8 5KS Kemo becomes part of the family of ultra light frames.
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KE-R8 5ks becomes part of the family of the lighter frames in the world.
A concentrate of technology that combines performance and mechanical performance at the highest levels. Through the use of reinforcement fibers TeXtreme superlight beats all records in terms of rigidity/weight ratio and makes possible the construction of bicycles with a weight less than 6 kg using components of normal production.
The weight of the frameset part 760 gr version of Ready to Paint
The KE-R8 5KS is the ultimate expression of Kemo bikes, a project which in this case provides for the adoption of the system 5ks with the use of carbon fiber high modulus 60T. The system 5KS provides 5 basic steps that allow you to have a final product extremely light, durable and performance characteristics above the average.
1. Lamination process with continuous fibers and construction in one piece.
2. Adoption of the EPS method that eliminates the formation of wrinkles by controlling the thickness of the pipes during the molding process.
3. Cutting digital cnc of carbon fibers, guaranteeing precision without changing the quality of the fiber itself.
4. Assembly through the fiber 5T, by the high properties of resistance to effort.
5. Last but perhaps fundamental step, the use of fabric Textreme, a lightweight material which undergoes special processing and saves epoxy resin. The wire Textreme undergoes a sort of flattening, a smoothing that makes the product easier to deal with manual and automated processes. So finished, the Textreme need to lower resin (20% less) compared to a fiber equal to the advantage of weight and performance (something like an increase in resistance by about 20%).

KE-R8 5KS is available in 6 sizes, from XS to XL.
Headset 1-1/8 "- 1-1/2".
The bottom bracket is BB386 Pressfit.
The fork is made ​​of a single piece of carbon fiber 60T and integrates seamlessly with the design of the head tube.
Carbon fiber TeXtreme.
Cleanliness in the drawings that follow the forms and the ribs of the frame, enhancing the texture and large squared of this type of composite unique.
The frame meets the requirements of EN14781.
Geometry   Sloping
Color  Carbon White
Finish  Matt TeXtreme
Fork Offset / Rake  48 mm
Headset  1-1/8" 1-1/2" 116gr
Bottom bracket  BB386 pressfit
Seatpost   27,2 mm
Seat clamp  30,6 mm
Derailleur hanger  Interchangeable
Front derailleur   Riveted
Tire width  Up to 25 mm
Spacers  Maximum recommended height 40 mm