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Crash Replacement
The KCR program (Kemo Crash Replacement) allows you to replace, to special conditions and advantageous, the frame KEMO damaged as a result of fortuitous circumstances such as accidents and impacts.
It's exclusively reserved to the original owner within the first six years from the date of purchase  and subject to economic conditions listed in the table below.
To activate the KCR service send an email to describing in detail the condition of the frame and attach photos with the serial number of the product and any visible damage. A clear and detailed description will speed up the decision-making process will speed up the KCR and response times. Once KCR is approved the frame will be replaced with the same model.
We are very sensitive to what is stated in the KCR request, we have twenty years experience in the steel and construction of carbon frames and we are able to recognize a damage caused by accident from an injury caused solely for the purpose of getting a new chassis on advantageous terms. A frame intentionally damaged  or with minor or cosmetic nature of the service will be not supported by KCR.
We thank you for your cooperation.